Is Divorce Harmful to Children?

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November 1, 2011
Maybe You Should Get a Divorce
The fact that divorce is harmful to children is undisputed throughout society however is divorce really a negative choice? Can it be a positive one for both the parents and the children? Society has the notion, and various research has proven, that children who are raised in a divorced family environment are more likely to struggle when building relationships of their own and are more likely to get divorced themselves. These children are more prone to have battles with depression during their adolescent years and continue these struggles into adulthood. When a person tells his or her family that they are getting a divorce the first reaction is usually “what about the children?” When an unhealthy family environment is present, divorce can be a better alternative despite the consequences it has on the children involved. Children who are raised in a family where there is constant turmoil experience sever physiological issues into their adult life. (SITE) The aftermath of a divorce, when compared, sounds very similar to the effects that staying in an undesirable family environment can have on a child. In this paper we will examine the effects of divorce and the implications of staying in an unhealthy marriage.

In today’s society approximately half of children in the United States are being raised in a single parent home thus putting the sanctity of marriage into question (SITE). Some of these families are a product of divorce while others are a forced situation because of an absent parent due to other circumstances. Undeniably children have a right to parental support from two parents both emotionally and financially. Children who are raised in a divorced family environment have an increased need for this support however they have fewer resources to obtain it. Judith (1994) has concluded that men and women have dramatically different behaviors in regards to raising a child after a...
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