Is Discrimination Happening in Your Job?

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Data from U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission showed the nation received a total of 35,395 complaints nationwide about some sort of discrimination. Although the federal and state government tries to eradicate discrimination in the workplace, employers still disobey the laws. Most people may think discrimination doesn’t exist anymore, but think again. Discrimination doesn’t have to involve with violence. Discrimination is the distinct treatment in favor or against a person based on their category they belong in. In today’s society discrimination still occurs in the workplace specifically targeted in race, age, and gender still affects people’s lives.

Race discrimination occurs in the workplace, it involves the treatment an applicant or employee a certain way because of their personal characteristics associated with race. According to the article, “2011 Statistics of Workplace Discrimination Based on Race” by Rodney Mesriani stated: “The most popular form on employment of discrimination in United States is the year 2011 in racial discrimination.” I agree that there is discrimination towards ethnic group, whether it’s in favor or against. I noticed in certain stores would have a majority of a race. For an example, when I buy treats for my dog at Petsmart, it was brought to my attention that they mainly have workers that are Caucasian. Additionally, at 7-Eleven, I noticed majority of the employees are Indian. In another instance, my friend, Dylan, who is also Caucasian works at LA Fitness confirmed with me that LA Fitness prefers hiring white people. It is absurd how certain large cooperates allow this to happen. In other words, being a certain ethnicity either benefit if a person if he/she is the following ethnicity. It is unfair to judge someone by their appearance because their racial orientation, it has nothing to do with how they work. On the contrary, it can handicap a person if he/she is not one of the “desirable” races for the job.

In addition, age...
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