Is Del-Del by Victor Kelleher a Gripping Book?

Topics: Literary Genre, Psychological thriller, Horror film Pages: 3 (1275 words) Published: February 4, 2013
I do not think that Victor Kelleher is an exceptional thriller writer. However I do agree to the statement which says that “Del-Del grips like a vice and holds the reader taut, on a nerves edge, until the final page. Victor Kelleher is a very talented thriller writer, the technique where he drops small clues in the text as to a possible ending is one to be admired and his fantastic techniques which he uses is the best thing about Del-Del, Unfortunately Kelleher did not show his greatest work in this narrative. His technique where he dropped fake trails did not create anticipation like he had hoped for the reason that he overused this technique too much. The ending was also a tad lame and also would have perturbed the reader. We also found that the shifting of genre bewildered the reader and was too big a risk for such a small book. To keep the reader from becoming uninterested in the book, a good thriller author would drop various hints, or trails. These trails are usually a probable idea of what could be the ending, or in this case, the answer to Del-Del. As mentioned before, this will keep the reader interested in the book as they will be curious to find out if the ending is as they predicted. Examples of this in Del-Del are shown throughout the book and in all three sections. The main one in each section is when the family believes that Del-Del is what Sam leads them to be, meaning that the reader thinks this as well. For example in the first section, the reader thinks that Del-del is the beast possessing Sam’s body. In the second section, the reader thinks that Del-Del is an alien voyager and in the third section, the first half finds the reader thinking that Del-Del is the voyager and in the second part of the third section the reader finally discovers what Del-Del really is. As well as that in the first section Kelleher drops the hint that Del-Del is just Sam trying to expressing his feeling about Laura dying in page twenty seven when Hannah says what the...
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