Is Death Penalty Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Capital punishment in the United States Pages: 7 (2780 words) Published: March 13, 2013
u10a1 Project – Final – Is death penalty cruel and unusual punishment Capella University – PS 3100

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Introduction 3 History of the death penalty in America 4 -5 Theories and models of justice related to death penalty 5 - 6 Pros and cons about the validity of capital punishment 6 - 9 Is death penalty cruel and unusual punishment? 9 Conclusion 9 -10 Biography 11 - 12
The pros and cons of the death penalty and reducing crime has been the subject of many public and academic debates and many studies have been conducted to establish the impact of death penalty on incidence of crime in the past. However, to find the correct answer is almost impossible, because to determine why someone commit the ultimate crime knowing that one can get the capital punishment is difficult to answer. It has many components like, money, power, the economy, education level, using illegal substance, alcohol, monetary gain, revenge, jealousy, religious belief, hate, etc. So in order to discover if the death penalty deter people we have to look into different studies that will provide some explanation why certain individuals are more prone to the ultimate crime than others. The purpose of this research is to present both side of the death penalty argument, and prove that why it is important for the society to serve real justice, its affects on the individual while maintaining individual rights and serve public safety. At least twelve people were killed and more than forty injured today July 20, 2012 early in the morning when James Holmes a former medical student opened fire during a midnight showing, a new movie the Dark Knight Rises at a mall in Aurora, Colorado without any apparent reason. James Holmes dressed all in black and wearing a gas mask (just like in the movie) and released a canister filled with gas — fired a rifle multiple times into the audience. Many citizens today are questioning the current criminal sentencing guidelines, because of its ineffectiveness and incompetence. People who are for the death penalty think that it is not cruel or unusual punishment as long as it does fit the crime.

History of the death penalty in America
Criminal sentencing was and still is one of the most controversial aspects of criminal case processing in human history. The death penalty goes back in ancient time. The first established death penalty laws that born to light were in Eighteenth Century B.C. in the Code King Hammaurabi of Babylon, which contained a system that specified death penalty for twenty five different offenses. The death penalty was also part of every nations before (Greek and Roman Empire, etc) and after Christ (Entire Europe, America under English ruler ship) in human history. However, big changes came to light in the early nineteenth century in America, where the abolitionist movement achieved success in the northeast. Many states reduced the number of capital offenses and stopped public executions. Hard criminals who got the death penalty were executed instead in correctional facilities. (Penalty, 2012) By 1833 many states started abolishing the death penalty except southern states where slaves “committed” offenses. During the Civil War...
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