Is Compulsory Military Training Necessary?

Topics: Military, Conscription, Military history Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: November 25, 2010
* Wars are peaceful than marriages…… but…… let him who wants peace never prepare for a war………I agree with the second part…..

* Military training is schooling of body and spirit in the art of killing. Military training is education for war. It is the perpetuation of war spirit. It hinders the development of the desire for peace.

* Conscription involves the degradation of human personality, and the destruction of liberty. Barrack life, military drill, blind obedience to commands, however unjust and foolish they may be, and deliberate training for slaughter undermine respect for the individual, for democracy and human life. * -------------------------------------------------

It is debasing human dignity to force men to give up their life, or to inflict death against their will. The country which thinks its entitled to force its citizens to go to war will never pay proper regard to the value and happiness of their lives in peace. Moreover, by conscription the militarist spirit of aggressiveness is implanted in the whole male population at the most impressionable age. By training for war men come to consider war as unavoidable and even desirable.

* 1. Military training - is for people who fight external aggression through the army, navy & air force. The threat perceptions that India faces could arise from - Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma. However the Indian army has deployed more forces in fighting insurgency within India than in fighting wars. More army personnel have died in internal operations than in all the wars we've fought. This is demoralizing for an army who has to fight & kill it's own citizens. What is required is training for better policing and better policies to avoid internal uprisings - fire prevention rather than fire fighting.

2. Compulsory - The Indian armed forces are a volunteer force. They face a shortage of officers, not soldiers. This shortage is in thousands whereas 20 million youth join...
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