Is College Worth It

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  • Published : November 14, 2011
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Is college worth it?
Ask yourself a question, is college worth it to you? If you answered no then in this case it will be beneficial for you to read this. When thinking about college you have to think more about what you want out of it rather than what you have to do to get through it. The skills that you get while attending college can be very beneficial to you. Having the critical thinking and advanced communication skills that you acquire in college. Getting a college degree and bringing what you learned to the real world will benefit you in your quest for financial success.

It is often said that college is not worth the time and money, but getting a college degree and bring what you learned to the real world will benefit your quest for financial success. You may ask yourself but whit is it worth the time and money but you have to think outside the box and more long term. You have to ask yourself some questions first. The number one question you have to ask is where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you see yourself graduated, working in the field you want to and making the money you deserve? This is important for your quest to achieve your financial success. You have to have a clear path that you want to follow, set goals and achieve them. As stated in the article “ The Education Our Economy Needs” the author talks about how many people feel that memorization is more important than good critical thinking and good communication skills when it comes to job applicants, but as the author stated, “ A candidate who demonstrates capabilities in critical thinking, creative problem solving and communication has a far greater chance of being employed today than his or her counterpart without these skills” in other words this means that if you take the time and effort learning critical thinking skills and good communication skills in college you will only better yourself and set your life up for a financial quest for success.

Another question you should ask...
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