Is College Worth It?

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My partner and I strongly negate: Resolved: the costs of college education outweigh the benefits.

Contention 1: College benefits the attendee.
Sub-point A: Investment
Georgetown’s Michelle Melton states it best: there is no better investment than a college education. According to economist Anthony Carnevale, attending college leads to an average lifetime earnings of one million dollars. The Brookings Institute furthers that attending college yields a 15 percent pay-off, higher than any other secure investment available. The article concludes that there is no better investment for $102,000 dollars than a college education.

Sub-point B: Job Quality
Colleges provide the necessary skills maximize job quality. Simply, most good jobs require specialization- much of which can only be completed by people who have the skills a college endows them with. In fact, Georgetown states “college graduates are almost twice as likely as high school graduates to receive formal training from their employers. Access to training is important because it directly affects an employee’s earning power. Training can increase employee wages by 3 to 11 percent.” A College Degree not only provides one with a better initial job, but enables him to perform superiorly and reap a higher pay.

Sub-point B: Job Security
In today’s job market, College graduates enjoy better job security. Currently, 9.2 percent of fresh college graduates face unemployment as compared to the 35% of fresh high school graduates. Additionally, Georgetown University states that between 2008 and 2018, 63% of all job openings, or 29.9 million jobs, will require at least a college education. And by 2018, America’s postsecondary system will have produced 3 million fewer graduates than demanded by labor markets, leading to increased job security, pay and value for College attendees.

Contention 2: Society Benefits as a whole

A College degree helps society, from lower welfare usage to higher...
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