Is College Still Affordable?

Topics: University, Costs, Cost Pages: 4 (1524 words) Published: August 29, 2013
Is College Still Affordable For The Average Middle-Class Student? Kaitlyn L. Nguyen
Lone Star College System – Cy-Fair

Beginning in the 1800s, people have been able to go to a public university and get a good education with a degree to show for it. But it has since been increasing in the amount of money it costs to attend the university. Since about the 1800s, college has cost about two to four hundred dollars a year, but now is costing families thousands of dollars a year. Assuming that the student attends a Texas public university that is in-state and does live on campus, is college still affordable for the average middle class student and family? Objective

The reason I chose this topic is because I am going to be going off to college within the next year. My family is a little above the average middle-class family, so I wanted to do research on how expensive college will actually be. Everyone says it is going to be expensive and I want to figure just how expensive it will be for me to go to college since I am choosing to go to a four-year public university. I am hoping the research will help further my knowledge on college expenses and prepare me for what my future will be like financially. Theoretical Aspects

What is the average middle-class family exactly? When discussing who or what is considered middle-class, there are multiple answers that come up because there are multiple deciding factors. These include which state, country, government classifications, how much money the family makes, and, what many say is included, the person or family’s mindset. For example, there are people who make anywhere from $30,000 a year to those who make $100,000 a year consider themselves to be a part of the middle-class. In Texas, the average middle-class family is made up of four people, a mom, a dad, and two children. Of these two children, there is one who is a student in high school, and the other is going to soon be a freshman in college. The...
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