Is College for Everyone?

Topics: Academic degree, Higher education, University Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Mariane Stephanie Bangui Period 6

Is College for Everyone?
Going to College is a choice that everyone has. I think that College is for everyone because everyone in this world has a right to a good education. I know that good education will improve my chances of having a good job and a higher wage. But on the other hand, College is not free and mostly it is expensive. We have to pay for every semester, for the books and for some student loans and some students do not want to carry big responsibilities like getting into dept or paying loans so instead of going to College they just seek help from a master craft man. A Master craft man gives you a job and share his knowledge to you straightly to the point and without consuming a lot of time. There is also a chance of being successful like a master craft man even if you don’t go to College especially if you have better learning at a trade. But even though College is not free and it cost a lot, but I think everyone should at least try going to college because everything that you spend for College will get back to you ‘cause College will afford us more opportunity to make money for the reason that most of the highest paying jobs require a college degree. And knowing you earn a degree will undoubtedly give a lifetime of pride to yourself and to the whole world. College will make you an expert at something which you can share with others. Many social service positions like Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher or Scientist require a College degree and being able to help others means you have to educate yourself first through higher education. If you have a College degree, you will be able to support your family with a larger salary. You will be able to help your children with their homework and can give them a better future as a result they will be more likely to attend College. Otherwise, if you think you already have skills and expertise and if you think it is not...
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