Is Co-Education a Good Way Out?

Topics: Gender, Education, Female Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: April 10, 2012
Is the co-education arrangement a good idea?
Introduction: The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, said that Co-education creates a feeling of comradeship. He advocated teaching of both the male and female sexes in the same institution without showing any discrimination in imparting education. In recent years, a growing number of parents are choosing to send their children to single sex school. Some parents don’t want their children to be in mixed-gender classrooms because at certain ages students of the opposite sex can be a distraction and most important of all entering single sex school means the high academic achievement. Single-sex education is an old approach that is gaining its new momentum now. Contrarily, a case on the point is that, one of my friends, who graduated from a famous girls-only high school, always complains about the weird atmosphere of school and girls’ eccentric behaviors. There is always a topic hanging over men among the girls, but you will never see a genuine one except for the male teachers. This situation has aroused a strong repercussion among the public. Is single-sex education a cure for low test scores? A panacea for teen pregnancy? A way to cut down on bullying? Or, a return to the dark ages? Should boys and girls be taught separately? Does single-sex education boost academic success? Before weighing the pros and cons of single-sex education, I want to discuss the influences of "nature versus nurture." Many factors affect each child's learning profile and preferences. Some factors relate to the child's nature, such as gender, temperament, abilities, and intelligence. Other influences stem from the way parents and society nurture the child: family upbringing, socioeconomic status, culture and stereotypes all fall under the "nurture" category. So whenever girls and boys are together, their behavior inevitably reflects the larger society in which they live. If you were in the single sex school, it means that the girls or boys’...
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