Is Classical Approach to Management Obsolete?

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Assignment – Essay
Question: Is the Classical approach to management obsolete? Critically discuss your views on this matter.

Management is one of the most important parts contributing to the success of an organization. By understanding which managerial activities are actually effective, a manager could choose the best way appropriate for his application to his company. Many studies about classical school theories have been undertaken so far to examine the effective management approach. However, a major problem with the classical approach to management is human dimension ignored will result in inefficiencies (Anthony Boland, 2012). This essay will attempt to identify the weaknesses of dismissing human motivation and explain the important of it by using other experts’ advocacies.

The analyses of classical theory
Classical management approach is the first theory about management based on the experience of famous experts for engineer industry. While scientific management’s purposes are in justification and control of employees in the same method with a justification and control for machines by engineers (Sheldrake, 2000), human motivation is more needed in recent years, which is considered to be a vital part contributing to an organisation’s prosperity. In the view of scientific approach, workers were considered to be as akin to machines and with favour in larger production volume at whatever human cost (Sheldrake, 2000). This leads to the decline in attendance and the organisation’s performance. Satisfaction seems to be involved with motivation. Therefore, this managerial approach can lead to negative outcomes such as a decrease in how effectively they work a decline in efficient production and a higher absenteeism rate. In this case, demotivation may...
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