Is Cellphone Necessary for Students?

Topics: Mobile phone, Bluetooth, Cellular network Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Cellphone is necessary for students?

These days, most students have cellphones. Some people might think that cellphones are not a necessary item for students. They think that cellphones could distract students during the class and while they are doing their homework. That’s why teachers in school do not allow students to bring cellphones in the class. However, even though they can distract students from homework or classwork, cell phones are necessary for students to communicate with parents and for emergencies. When we have cellphones, we can call our parents immediately after the school class. Also, we could call our parents right away anytime when we out of our house so they don’t worry about us. Of course, we could use landlines, but it might take time to find them. Landlines are not in everywhere. Also, we can’t connect with our parents all the time when I or parents only use landlines. When my parents want to call me and tell me something, they could not unless we have cellophanes. So I’d like to say when use landlines instead of cellphone, the landlines are less practical than cellphone. For emergencies, students should have cellphones. They could have accidents on the street or anywhere. Nobody would know if students don’t call 911 or call for help from someone they know without cellphones. We would have to wait until someone for help and it could cause a worse situation. Using cellphones is faster and safer than waiting for someone. For example, one girl was kidnapped by a man, and her parents called 911. After they called, they found her easily, because her cellphone showed where she was and the police got that information. These two reasons, to communicate with our parents and for emergencies are important and suitable reasons to get cellphones. Hopefully people, who think cellphones are not necessary for students, change their mind while you read this essay.
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