Is Cbt Effective in Adolescents

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Is CBT effective in adolescents

Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions have two different approaches that both require the clients to identify the events that trigger feelings of anger. Once that has been established then emphasis is then focused on sorting out thoughts that proceed to anger. The therapist is then responsible to determine if the client’s thoughts are rational or irrational. Since the 1980’s effectiveness has increased. The way this is determined is through the meta-analytic method. This is used to summarize the amount of information in a concise manner. The two most famous therapists, Whitehead and Lab studied correctional programs around the late 1980’s. They concluded that the programs had no effect on recidivism. Palmer in 1994 identified two major flaws in the programs. Whitehead and Lab categorized to be effective only if there has a reduction in recidivism was to focus on low risk delinquents. The programs around the 1970’s to 19780’s only provided services to low risk individuals. In order to have a real success rate there has to be individuals included in the programs that were considered high risk delinquents. These individuals had more of a chance to make improvements than someone that had very little room to improvement. Pearson, Lipton and Cleland (2002) also used the meta-analysis to study effects of behavioral and cognitive behavioral programs. A total of sixty nine cases were reviewed. It was during this review it was confirmed that either approach was found effective in treating adolescents. Programs that focused on programs in cognitive behaviors social skills and cognitive skills were most effective. Cognitive behaviors interventions have also been used to address specific types of antisocial behaviors. Those programs focus on sex offenders, anger management and violence reduction. These interventions are the most widely used.
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