Is Capital Punishment Right or Wrong?

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Is Capital Punishment Right or Wrong?
One might say capital punishment is morally wrong and inhumane; I strongly disagree with this statement. The crimes committed by prisoners such as multiple aggravated murders, serial rapists, and brutal child molestations is malicious and cold-hearted. These actions deserve like punishments in return. People who do those things have no purpose of being part of mainstream society. Bringing justice and closure to the victim’s family, deterrence of crime, and prison population reduction are reasons why capital punishment is necessary.

Death penalty opponents will argue capital punishment is a form of revenge. This is no where near the truth. Fredrick Romano said in a case where Steven Oken brutally murdered Romano’s sister and two other woman “it’s not about revenge, it’s about justice” (Kane, Another thing those opposed to capital punishment don’t understand is the pain the victim’s family feels and how it never goes away. One of the questions we must ask ourselves is what is the correct punishment for that type of crime? Capital punishment is the only way to give much needed justice to the families who suffer. Justice isn’t when Fredrick Romano and the rest of the family members are among the taxpayers paying for Oken’s food and housing in prison. Sentencing the death penalty provides justice to them and is the appropriate punishment for the antagonizing heartache they undergo. If a person who commits a violent crime is executed, the only way to insure that they will never come back again to repeat their actions is the death penalty. This is truly a way to bring closure and justice to families of victims; and it’s the punishment that fits the crime well.

Along with bringing justice, it has been documented that the death penalty sends a strong message to repeat offenders as well as possible lawbreakers. If one chooses to participate in a heinous crime, they will suffer the consequences....
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