Is Capital Punishment Necessary?

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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W D S Rodrigo
While the death penalty was more practiced in the past, nowadays it has moved towards a more lenient execution of the criminal justice system (Sassen,A, 2011). The capital punishment is controversial punishment which doesn’t have an irreversible process and it is the ultimate limit of punishment (Smith A, 2007). The essay will discuss on the necessity of the death penalty to country’s legal system. Firstly facts for necessity of the capital punishment and later facts against for that will be discussed based on Article ‘Capital punishment’ written by Smith A, (2007) ,Article ‘Benefits of the Death Penalty’ written by Steel J, (2005) and Article ‘Capital punishment: Is it necessary?, written by Sassen A, (2011).

Capital punishment is a legal demand and it’s essential to the penal system. Smith A, (2007).For example “if a killer is left off unpunished this would militate against the majesty of the law” Smith A, (2007). Further (Sassen,A, 2011) state that the “the imposition of death penalty even perpetuates this violence can be legitimized” . But Sassen,A, (2011) has a different opinion and he highlights that the Death Penalty violates the equal defense of laws. Further he added the idea that accused too to be given a sufficient opportunity, time and space to present legal defense on his behalf. Steel,J (2005) also state that the several countries around the world who use the death penalty do not executed in their legal system. Further Smith A, (2007) has mentioned that the capital punishment can be a right in grave injustice, while he is giving example in figures as “in Sing prison of America, according to Lewis 50 out of 437 convicts were later known to be innocent”( Smith A, 2007).Even though, Smith A’s statement has a point to consider it’s unreliable with the present trend of legal system in many countries, and Sassen A, and Steel J has pointed out with figures and...
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