Is Bodybuilding a Sport

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Is Bodybuilding a Sport?

Is Bodybuilding a Sport?
There are many sports that all everywhere in the world. People in now society, think that bodybuilding is not a sport. What is bodybuilding? Bodybuilding is a competitive sport that spans all age of group to that is from teen to master. The body is a person that can be a female and male. The build have to be perfect to proportions, symmetry, size and shape. The arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs and abs have to be build. The stereotypes and myths in most that is carry and in the Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, it probably has more than any other. That why bodybuilding can be put in the sports group that media is putting out. Bodybuilding is a sport of participants that are statistically more athletic than most others sport. Where Trey Brewer can run a 4.62 40 yard dash and Hockey players, Football players, and Basketball players have to bench press different weigh to be pro but bodybuilder do not have to. The competitiveness comes from the physique of the body, instead of the performance though, it is look. Its extreme amounts of weight training, and very strict dieting as well as other sacrifices.

People in the United States say that bodybuilding is not a sport. The question is what is sport? Sport is organized athletic activities that played with individually and in teams. Some sports can be played by females and male of all ages. Many people participate in sport as professional for personal enjoyment of the love of competition, or as a healthful form of exercise. The world of people in entertainment provides sports throughout everywhere. There is a lot of million people who like sports that are fans and have their favorite teams and athletes by listing to the game or watching competition.

The sport of bodybuilding has participants that are statistically more athletic than most other sports. There are people that are saying that bodybuilding can’t be sport because they don’t really do anything that make it a sport and don’t do anything like football player and hockey player can do. They just think they are just big guys that just take steroids and get big and pose naked it. Most people who do bodybuilder are people who had play basketball, baseball, football, and hockey. They could have done these sport but they chose not to.

It’s a bodybuilder right now name Trey Brewer that is 24 years old who play a fullback on his high school football team. In his time before bodybuilding, trey brewer ran a 4.62 40 yard dash. Trey Brewer had done 46 consecutive reps of 185 lbs of bench press. He had also competed in power lifting where everyone is saying that is a sport and did competitions around the state. He broke the football record that in NFL no one ever did. Trey Brewer chose to competition in bodybuilding beside of going to college and playing football where most of colleges want him to play.

In other sports such as hockey player are tested with 135 lbs on bench to be professional in their position. Basketball player are use to bench 185 to move on to be professional. Football players test with 225 reps to get put in the NFL. Where Professional bodybuilders, bench press 315 lbs around all day long without need to get to be a bodybuilder. Bodybuilder can do what a football player, hockey player, and basketball player can do. Bodybuilders are much better and conduction than a football player or any other sport player, but have there out competitively in their side and different.

The competitiveness comes from the physique of the body, instead of performance though it looks as a bodybuilder. Bodybuilding is a sport because the competitiveness isn’t just how well they perform; it deals with the total of conditioning to get ready for a competition. Bodybuilder has to go through 24/7 of training and dieting all year long. They do not have any time to slack of doing this sport. When they are on stage, the bodybuilder is very dehydrating with 1% of water in their...
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