Is Apathy a Disease?

Topics: Psychology, Mental disorder, Abnormal psychology Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: February 4, 2013

The purpose of this report is to identify whether apathy is a disease or not. Objectives were to know the meaning of apathy, causes of apathy, meaning of someone being apathetic, the solution to this problem, and the answer to whether apathy is a disease or not. Problems were located in the report’s body, causes, definitions in addition solutions, answers, especially between the introduction and the body. The report recommends a change of behavior and making creative works, taking risks, powerful actions.


What is apathy? Apathy simply means absence/lack of emotions and feelings. Apathy is emanated from the Greek word (apatheia), which also means: absence/lack of emotions and feelings. What are the causes of apathy? What does it mean when someone is apathetic? How do we solve this problem? Is apathy a disease? In our society apathy is appreciated form of demeanor. In similar society people are able to stay unruffled when events occur that should make them feel conscience, as this demeanor shows high moral orthodox in there minds they like it and will perpetuate to do it until someone will interfere to increase this demeanor actions.

Apathy is a demeanor that makes a person keeps calm when events transpire that should make them feel consciences. There are an abundance of causes that makes a person apathetic here is some of it: * Loss of hope: Most people experience apathy when they lose hope. * Usage of drugs side affects: such as: 1-Topamax (drug) 2-Topamax Sprinkle (drug) 3-Septra (drug) 4-Bactrim (drug). * Depression

* Brain tumor (brain cancer): (apathy comes along with this disease). * Alzheimer (disease): looseness of memory (apathy comes along with this disease). * Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: disease is a rare neurodegenerative disease that rapidly, progressively and severely affects the brain (apathy comes along with this disease). * Chronic personality disorders

An apathetic is...
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