Is Animal Cloning Right?

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  • Published : February 25, 2006
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It is a universal feeling of human cloning as taboo; however animal cloning is now an issue. The idea of animal cloning being a good thing is the volume of the number of steaks would increase and be more nutritional. Also, cloning somehow would bring about new vaccines. The intentions of cloning animals are to improve livestock, use parts of pigs for human transplants, and to make drugs. The FDA is also getting involved or will soon be. Allowing cloned cow and the bad to be lifted to sell cloned cows and other animals would lead to a much larger production of consumer products. This would mean they would be making more money, which they want to do. The altering of Mother Nature in animals and cloning is very costly and could bring about an outrage in the public eye. Cloning brings about a identical twin from another animals DNA. More than a dozen animals have been cloned already. The sheep being the first and then endangered animals, such as an Asian Ox called the guar. The technology of cloning is being sought out by many more companies that see potentials.

The FDA sees a lot of profit and potential in cloning. More food, more drugs, more milk, and better quality products would all be of profit. The downside is that they are all identical even if it is a large herd, they would all be the same. If one gets sick and it is contagious they would all be susceptible. Some of the FDA are more concerned about profit than health. The FDA appears to be eager to go ahead with the selling of cloned products. The health of all people seems to rely on the judgement of the FDA. If they think cloning is safe, 34% said they would eat the meat, eggs, and drink the milk from cloned animals. The FDA has the final word on the cloning of animals for human transplants, human consumption, and drugs for humans. It appears to be leaning toward their approval, although they have already reported that the found no evidence of food from cloned animals to be unsafe. It is a scary thought...
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