Is an Adoption Beneficial to a Child?

Topics: Adoption, Open adoption, Closed adoption Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Is an adoption beneficial to a child?
Statement of the problem
Many teenagers are getting pregnant and not able to keep their children. There are many reasons why teenagers decide to give up their child, they are in school, they don’t have the money or they can’t support the baby or themselves. Adoption is the answer for many of these teenagers. There are two kinds of adoptions open and closed. An open adoption is when the original parents are allowed to visit and communicate with their child. A closed adoption is where there is no contact allowed. Today open adoptions are seen to be more beneficial than closed adoptions. I’m adopted and I have an open adoption and I feel that it is very beneficial to me. In order to understand an open adoption benefits, one must look at all aspects of adoption

Open adoption has become the most common process today. “Starting in the early 1980’s, society’s view on adoption changed (motherhood)”. There would no longer be a need for secrecy, guilt, or shame for the child or the birth mother. Open adoptions allows the birth parents, adoptive parents and the child to have a relationship with each other. Adoption agencies help birth mothers create an adoption plan that includes their needs and desires and that of their child. Open adoption les the birth parents choose the adoptive family. There are various degrees of the “open” adoption process. For some it means that the birthparents and adoptive parents have some knowledge about each other. For others, the birthparents and adoptive parents form a relationship before the birth and are present at the birth of the child. The relationship that it formed between birthparents and adoptive parents is one of trust and respect. The American Association of Open Adoption Agencies lists in its statement of purpose that “Open adoption is the healthiest form of adoption, it is an adoption in which the birth family and the adopted child enjoy and ongoing, in person relationship”...
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