Is American Dream Still Alive?

Topics: Economics, Unemployment, American Dream Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: December 2, 2012
In discussion of American dreams, one controversial issue is that Cal Thomas, the panelist on Fox News, claims that it is the dysfunctional government and unstrained liberalism that cause the end of American dreams, but the principle of American culture and the awareness of what got us here will help us to get back on the right track. On the other hand, Brandon King, a student of university of Cincinnati, argues that the American dreams are still alive. What is more, it is the inequality that ruin the American dreams. As long as people have the faith that the life will be better off than today and enact policy to sustain economic growth, the American dreams will keep alive. I totally agree with King’s view and I believe that government do play a important role in regulating economy and they should enact some policy of educational expenditure and therefore, they can provide with recourse to those who need it.

Both king and Thomas discuses the definition of American dreams. Thomas defines American dreams as achieving greater prosperity and consuming more material goods. What is more, King extends Thomas’s idea and claims that the old American dream is just as what Thomas says, but the new American dream is trimmed down version of its former self. He believes that most people prefer a stable, middle-class lifestyle now, and they change their spending habit from consuming money to get joy to focusing on saving money for the future and having secure employment by showing some statistics about ownership decreasing from 69% in 2005 to 66.5% in 2010 and renter household increasing 1.1million. And they both agree that culture plays an important role in shaping American dream.

Thomas blames dysfunctional government and unstrained liberalism for leading Americans down a path to economic and cultural insolvency while Kings complicates his idea by arguing that government action is still helpful too. Thomas blames government for their action of over-expanding,...
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