Is America Number One?

Topics: United States, Sovereign state, Minimum wage Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Is America Number One?
The two concepts I learned from this video were the standard of living is different in different countries of the world and freedom. For example, in the video it mentioned the United States, Hong Kong, and India. All of which that have different standards of living. In India there are a lot of poor people and the living conditions are far worse than Hong Kong and the United States. That is mostly due to the overpopulation in India and they cannot simply meet the demands of the people there. Hong Kong however, is a very rich country in which almost everyone can be an entrepreneur and start a business in an instant. There are no laws or minimum wage in Hong Kong compared to other countries such as United States. That and the fifteen percent tax the government in Hong Kong impose on products help contribute the growing economy there. United States however is much more difficult to start a business because of the imposed regulations, employee benefits to pay, and taxes the people have to pay. The video mentions another factor that may contribute to the standard of living which is the different types of government in countries. For example, although the India and United States have a democracy, they are not the same as regulations are not the same. In India people had to have permission in order to sell or to go through a long term process in order to get what they want. Basically they were limited on what they could do because of the government. Eventually that was bad as it created lost necessities for the people in India and in turn made them poor and homeless. In terms of freedom, United States was the land of opportunity as it let people be able to sell their products however they want. Unlike France, people did not have to go through government and other regulations that made it complex for them to sell their products. The video interviewed many American citizens to portray the concept of freedom in which that America has freedom like no...
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