Is Abortion Ethical?

Topics: Fetus, Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: April 12, 2011

By, Amber Au
October 15, 2009
Mrs. Maresh, A*

Do you value your life? Or do you take it for granted? Babies who are aborted don’t have a choice to live or not. Why must selfish people decide for the ones who are innocent and valuable? Abortion must be stopped before we kill the lives that matter the most. God gave everyone the gift of life. How can someone have the audacity to take it away from a baby? For the better or the worse, the mother should be considerate and do the right thing. There are so many solutions that take place in this decision. Why not keep the baby? Is it too much work and time? Why not put the baby up for adoption? Is the pain at giving birth not worth saving a human beings life? Why do mothers make the decisions of abortion? Maybe because they aren’t ready to have a child or their life isn’t structured to sustain a child. Excuses are not acceptable when it comes to abortion, or any law that is broken. Abortion kills. Regardless if the baby isn’t born yet, its still alive and getting more features month by month. By month 1, the baby's entire physical attributes are determined including gender, hair color, and eye color. By month 2, the baby is now considered a fetus. The heart, neural tube, arms and legs, liver and other major organs begin to form. By the 9th month the baby has every feature to be considered alive. In this research, it shows the yearly total of each gestational age were babies are aborted. |Gestational Age |Percentage |Yearly Total | |Less than 9 weeks |57.9% |752,700 | |9-10 weeks |20.3% |263,900 | |11-12 weeks |10.2% |132,600 | |13-15 weeks |6.2% |80,600 | |16-20 weeks |4.3% |55,900 | |21+ weeks |1.5% |19,500 |...
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