Is “Extreme Weather” Caused by Manmade Global Warming?

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  • Published : June 24, 2013
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Is “extreme weather” caused by manmade global warming?

Global warming is one of the most significant issues in today’s society for the reason global warming is making worse such as super storms, droughts, heat waves, etc. In this case, global warming has made more tenuous, for example tornadoes. However, people in today society consider that extreme weather caused by manmade. Manmade to the global warming is a major influence on extreme weather. In brief, as mentioned above one can see that people must pay attention to this issue by reducing carbon pollution. This is because the longer you wait the harder you get to fix.

EC2 Term Paper Outline Format

1. Introduction
1. Hook (Do not use a rhetorical question.)static,quotion,fact 2. Gern t ja kao thesis
3. Connecting information
4. Thesis Statement (State your argument here.)

II. Background Information (Explain the background of the controversial issue in this section) 1. Historical Perspective
2. Current context
3. Summary of viewpoints (controversy)

III. Direct Support for the Thesis (Reasons and Evidence)
1. Supporting Point
1. Example/Detail/Explanation
2. Example/Detail/Explanation
2. Supporting Point
1. Example/Detail/Explanation
2. Example/Detail/Explanation

IV. Direct Support for the Thesis (Emotional Appeals)
1. Need
1. Detail/Explanation
2. Detail/Explanation
2. Value
1. Example/Detail/Explanation
2. Example/Detail/Explanation

V. Indirect Support for the Thesis
1. Counterargument (These reasons should be weaker than the ones that support your argument.) 1. 1st Reason
2. 2nd Reason
2. Refutation (These should be related but not identical to your original reasons.) 1. 1st Reason...
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