Irrigating Cystoclysis

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Definition of Terms:

Cystoclysis is a type of irrigation wherein saline solution is introduced into the bladder. It is also called as continuous bladder irrigation.

Purpose of Irrigating Cystoclysis
to drain the bladder when acute urinary retention is present •to relieve bladder spasm
to prevent formation of calcific deposits in and around the indwelling catheter •to free blockage in the urinary catheter or tubing
Urinary Tract Infection
Post-genitourinary surgery
Prostatic hematuria
Hypersensitivity to the solution to be used
Patients with defects in the bladder mucosa or bladder wall

Complications of Irrigating Cystoclysis

- Cystoclysis is an invasive procedure that it may cause infection if not performed aseptically. Open system poses greater risk for infection since it involves opening of the close drainage system.

Trauma to the wall of the bladder
– too much pressure may traumatize the bladder wall.

Bladder Spasms
– if the irrigation solution used is too cold.

Bladder Distention
- if the tubing has been kinked, not patent, induce secondary hemorrhage, clamp is closed by stretching the coagulated blood vessel in the prostatic capsule

Scientific Principles Involved in Irrigating Cystoclysis

Observing the aseptic technique is a must to avoid complication.

Explaining the procedure to the client helps him/her relax, reduce anxiety and cooperate during the procedure.

Anatomy and Physiology
We have to know the parts involved in the procedure and its function to give the right health teachings. And so as not to cause further injury to the organ and other structures involved.

Avoid too much pressure to prevent causing trauma to the wall of the bladder.

Types of Irrigating Cystoclysis
1.Closed Bladder Irrigation System
-does not require that the system be opened...
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