Iroquis Creation Story

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  • Published : February 9, 2012
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Title of work you are analyzing: The Iroquois Creation Story Author of the work: David Cusick

1. What is the purpose or function of the work? Why was it written? Explain. Be specific. Include thegenre as well as the reasons it was written. Even though Cusick considers his work history, it is a myth. The myth discusses the “foundation” and establishment of the Iroquois world and well as the constant struggle between good and evil. In the work Cusick describes how the land was formed as well as how the sun, moon, and the starts were formed by the good mind twin. “The good mind continued the works of creation, and formed numerous creeks and rivers on the Great Island, and then created numerous species of animals of the smallest and the greatest, to inhabit the forests, and fishes of all kinds to inhabit the waters.” While the good twin was creating thing that were useful to the people of earth the bad twin was busy creating the that were of no use or dangerous to the people of earth. “The bad mind while his brother was making the universe went throughout the Island and made numerous high mountains and falls of water, and great steeps, and also created various reptiles which would be injurious to mankind.”

2. What cultural values and beliefs are evident in the text? Include evidence (quotations) from the work. One cultural value that sticks out to me is envy. Evidence is shown in the following: “The bad mind proceeded further in his motives and he made two images of clay in the form of mankind; but while he was giving them existence they became apes; and when he had not the power to create mankind he was envious against his brother.” Another cultural value expressed in the work is respect for the earth and its inhabitants. “The good mind now accomplishes the works of creation, not withstanding the imaginations of the bad mind were continually evil; and he attempted to enclose all the animals of game in the earth, so as to deprive them from mankind.”...
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