Irony in the Matrix

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  • Published : August 30, 2010
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Imagine realizing that all of what we know, knew or experienced was an artificially created belief. This is the idea that the movie Matrix, with its main character Neo, and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, with the slaves, try to present as they question our perception of reality. In both publications, human beings live their lives experiencing what for them is reality until some of them are able to see reality and realize that all their lives were based on illusions. The Matrix and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave are very similar for both involve men who live unreal lives that are controlled by other beings and who, upon perceiving this, initially reject the truth yet finally manage to accept it and try to present it to other persons.

At first, Neo and the slaves lived ordinary lives. For them, what they saw was the reality and anything that contradicted this reality was false. In the case of Neo, he lived a normal life in Capital City, USA; he had a job as a programmer, a car and an apartment. Likewise, the slave in Plato’s Allegory lived an ordinary life that did not differ in any way from that which he had lived all his life; he was always chained, lived in a gloomy cave and could only stare at a wall. In their perspective, that was their reality for it was the only one they knew and the one that they had experienced throughout their whole lives. Initially, Neo lives within the Matrix; a machine produced world that creates every aspect of Neo’s life and causes him to believe that he is actually living it. Similarly, the slave lives in a cave where all that occurs is artificially created and controlled by a passerby who projects figures on the cave wall in the form of shadows and makes incomprehensible sounds. In both cases, the men believe that what they perceive is true for their senses and their interactions which other beings allow them to make such a hypothesis.

Suddenly, both men are presented with the truth that they are living an illusion. One day,...
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