Ironworking in Africa

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2. Ironworking in Africa
The Bantu speaking people in three thousand B.C.E. to one thousand C.E. began to migrate south and east from where they originated, which was the Benue region, in Africa. For years to follow they migrated through the Savanna, implementing agriculture and ironworking, particularly iron smelting to other African tribes. Throughout their migration, they assimilated with the other inhabitants of Africa, sharing their language, agricultural innovations, ironworking skills, and much more. 3. Kingdoms of Western Sudan

Around 1000 B.C.E. to 200 C.E the kingdoms of western Sudan lived together in villages. The basic social unit was the extended family because families and clans associated by blood kinship all lived amongst each other. A chief would govern a village, and his family and he made up the nobility. These kingdoms of western Sudan had a strong sense of community that was based on blood relationships. This allowed the villages to form small kingdoms that were able to control such vast territories. 7. Delhi

Delhi is a city in North Africa and came about around the 1200s C.E. In 1206 C.E. Muhammad of Ghur captured Delhi and when he died his general Qutb-ud-din seized the reins of power and established the sultanate of Delhi which lasted three centuries. The Delhi Sultanate consisted of Islamic dynasties and emerged as a self-governing Muslim power. It is significant because they were able to hold off the Mongol, a fierce nomadic tribe. Unfortunately, the Delhi sultanate’s decline is due to the Baburs who gave a final blow to them in around 1500 C.E. 10. Bedouin

In the Arabian Peninsula, the Bedouins were nomadic people during the sixth century and the seventh century. They lived according to ancient tribal patterns. They were constantly migrating from place to place in search of pastures to sustain their flocks. They lacked a unifying religion, and each tribe had its own gods. Although the Bedouins led a primitive and isolated life,...
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