Ironing Board - Description of a Mechanism

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A. Introduction
1. What is an Ironing Board
An ironing board is mainly a large, flat piece of board or metal, typically with legs and usually covered with a heat-safe padding on which clothing or linens may be ironed. The legs of an ironing board can be adjusted for height.

2. Basic Description of an Ironing Board
A standard ironing board is long and skinny, about 15” wide and 4 1/2’ long, has two basic parts which include a flat board for ironing and folding legs that are hinged or slip into the top and folded down for easy storage. The legs are normally long, tube-like and hollow.

a. Face or Board
The essential part of the ironing board is the face or board. Normally, the board be made of metal and may have small holes across it to help keep the ironing board cool. Any ironing board made of metal must have a pad and cover so that the metal face of the ironing board does not become too hot from the iron. Most ironing boards are sold with a foam pad and cover. b. Legs

The legs of an ironing board are made of hollow metal and fold up flat alongside the face. The push of a simple, small lever undoes the latch, causing the ironing board to collapse into a flat, storage-efficient unit.

* Function of the Face or Board
As the most important part of an ironing board, it the hard surface is used together with a hot iron to get garments pressed and free of wrinkles. Usually, an ironing board is wide at one end and narrowed at the other for ironing small sections of garments such as shirt sleeves or pant legs. The padded surface of an ironing board provides an ample amount of cushioning to allow the surface a "bounce" for pressing down on garments to get the wrinkles out.

* Cover
The top material that comes into contact with the garment being pressed is the cover of the ironing board. They are usually heat resistant for safety reasons. An ironing pad cover also helps to keep stains from damaging...
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