Iron Triangles

Topics: George W. Bush, Democratic Party, Federal government of the United States Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Three specific interest groups who support the Democrats are the AARP, AFL-CIO, and the AFSCME. The AARP is against extending the Social Security payroll tax cut, reducing the Cost-of-Living Adjustment, and raising the Medicare eligibility age. According to the AARP, the reduction of the Cost-of-Living Adjustment would cut benefits for beneficiaries over the next ten years. Along with that, raising the Medicare eligibility age would save millions of dollars without health coverage and would force them into the private market. The fiscal cliff would break down restrictions concerning caps and eligibility in entitlement programs. The AARP are cautious towards the fiscal cliff because if they misdirect their intentions or do something wrong, it can bring about massive cuts in entitlement programs which is something the they are very passionate about. The AFL-CIO wants the same but for an even broader spectrum of US citizens. The fiscal cliff affects every level of government. It starts at the federal level with large spending cuts on defenses; this will eventually result in creating cuts on entitlement programs, something unions have been vividly fighting against for years. The AFL-CIO sees that the fiscal cliff has outrageous effects on everything and wishes to alleviate that. The AFSCME’s main concern is the huge cuts on the federal and state level, along with a plethora of government employees. Hard working employees will lose their jobs to the natural rights of having a job and the union they are associated with. Three specific interest groups who support the Republicans are the Crossroads GPS, the NAM, and the Business Roundtable. The Crossroads GPS want to cut entitlement programs, but how they’re going to do so is unclear. We do know that they are highly against the ridiculous spending necessary from these programs. The NAM wants to cut the defense budget and has presented them. They want to limit the number of contracts granted. The business Roundtable wants...
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