Iron Rusting

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Iron Rusting


To determine what conditions cause (or accelerate) rusting.


What is rusting of iron?
Rust is the chemical combination of iron with oxygen. It's an example of a very common and very important type of chemical change: OXIDATION, the combining of a material with oxygen.

How can iron rusting be prevented?
Three methods may be used to prevent the rusting of iron: (1) alloying the iron so that it will be chemically resistant to corrosion; (2) coating it with a material that will react with the corroding substances more readily than the iron does and thus, while being consumed, protect the iron; and (3) covering it with an impermeable surface coating so that air and water cannot reach it.


Predict which environments will cause rust and which will not.


* X5 Test tubes with stoppers
* Boiled water
* Distilled water
* Sodium Carbonate
* Anhydrous Chloride
* Vaseline
* Test tube rack

Iron Rusting


Test tube 1: Place nails in moist air acting as the control

Test tube 2: Place nails submerged in distilled water that has been boiled to remove the oxygen. After boiling for 3 minutes put a layer of Vaseline on the surface whilst the water is still hot. This should stop any oxygen form re-entering the water

Test tube 3: place nails in distilled water

Test tube 4: Place nails in test tube with sodium carbonate which removes moisture from the air.

Test tube 5: Place nails in salt water. Add sodium chloride to the water to make a salt solution. Submerge the nails in the solution.

Allow the nails to sit for 24 hours and record your observations


Test tube number| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5|
Did it Rust| Yes| Yes| Yes| No| Yes|

Iron Rusting

Discussion Questions:

1. Write down the following Variables in the experiment
Independent: The conditions in which the nails were placed.
Dependent: The Nails were the same...
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