Iron Man

Topics: Law, Cold War, Virtue Pages: 2 (895 words) Published: February 3, 2011
Iron Man: The Real Hero
In today’s society, the concern of people and laws are not about doing good but rather having the appearance of good. People no longer care about what they need to stand for, only that they look like they aren’t sitting down. In fact, men today are treated as outcasts when sticking up for a good thing when it doesn’t have a pleasant appearance. Men such as Thomas Jefferson, Leonidas, Joshua and Jesus, men that represent something greater than what meets the eye, are scarce among us and used to be held in the upmost respect in history. Today, one man personifies the idea of doing good without needing the appearance of good. This icon is Iron Man, as a hero, and as an image of the greater good. Some would accuse Iron Man of wrong-doing in the area of justice and morality, but there is more than what meets the eye under that metal mask. Iron Man was created in 1963, as an icon of American technology and business against Communism in the Cold War. After the Cold War the focus shifted to more contemporary concerns such as terrorism and corporate crime, as seen in the modern movies. In 2008, when the first movie was released, Iron Man was portrayed as a rich young playboy who had no care for anybody except himself. Yet in the movie he undergoes a character change and when he becomes Iron Man, he changes his focus off of himself and onto others. He portrays this by disbanding his company’s weapons program when he finds they are double dealing to other countries other than America. From his birth Iron Man was meant as a symbol of idealism, something of a noble cause. So what is the big deal about some superhero being overlooked as an example of virtue? The big problem is that men are not expected to be what they should be, and their real morality is undermined by the need for an appearance. Because of this false ideology, men like Iron Man are falsely accused for wronging civilization. In reality, Iron Man ought to be held in the upmost...
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