Iron Man

Topics: Iron Man, War Machine, Iron Man's armor Pages: 37 (12733 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Iron Man1968 Marvel184 appearances
Tales of Suspense1959 Marvel59 appearances
The Avengers1963 Marvel58 appearances
The Invincible Iron Man2008 Marvel51 appearances
Avengers1998 Marvel42 appearances
Iron Man1998 Marvel40 appearances
The Amazing Spider-Man1963 Marvel38 appearances
Avengers West Coast1989 Marvel34 appearances
Iron Man2005 Marvel28 appearances
Avengers2010 Marvel26 appearances
The New Avengers2005 Marvel24 appearances
What If...?1989 Marvel20 appearances
The Incredible Hulk1968 Marvel16 appearances
Marvel Adventures: Iron Man2007 Marvel13 appearances
Marvel Fanfare1982 Marvel12 appearances
Hulk2008 Marvel12 appearances
West Coast Avengers1985 Marvel11 appearances
Black Panther2005 Marvel11 appearances
Iron Man: Legacy2010 Marvel11 appearances
Avengers Annual1967 Marvel10 appearances
The Incredible Hulk2000 Marvel10 appearances
The Mighty World Of Marvel2003 Panini Comics10 appearances
Marvel Masterworks: Avengers2003 Marvel10 appearances
Ms. Marvel2006 Marvel10 appearances
The Ultimates 22005 Marvel10 appearances
Wolverine2003 Marvel9 appearances
Captain America2004 Marvel9 appearances
Avengers Vs. X-Men2012 Marvel9 appearances
Exiles2001 Marvel9 appearances
The Mighty Avengers2007 Marvel9 appearances
The Ultimates2002 Marvel9 appearances
Marvel Legends2007 Panini Comics8 appearances
Civil War: Front Line2006 Marvel8 appearances
Avengers: The Children's Crusade2010 Marvel8 appearances
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes2010 Marvel8 appearances
Thunderbolts1997 Marvel8 appearances
Defenders1972 Marvel8 appearances
Iron Man Annual1970 Marvel7 appearances
Thunderbolts2006 Marvel7 appearances
Civil War2006 Marvel7 appearances
Fear Itself2011 Marvel7 appearances
She-Hulk 2005 Marvel6 appearances
Marvel Team-Up1972 Marvel6 appearances
Ultimate Power2006 Marvel6 appearances
Marvel Zombies2006 Marvel6 appearances
Iron Man: The Inevitable2006 Marvel6 appearances
Sub-Mariner2007 Marvel6 appearances
Wizard: The Comics Magazine1991 Wizard6 appearances
Marvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man2003 Marvel6 appearances Thor1998 Marvel6 appearances
What If?1977 Marvel6 appearances
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes2008 Marvel6 appearances
New Warriors2007 Marvel6 appearances
Iron Man: Hypervelocity2007 Marvel6 appearances
Thor2007 Marvel5 appearances
Ultimate New Ultimates2010 Marvel5 appearances
Marvel: Your Universe2009 Marvel5 appearances
Avengers Unconquered2008 Panini Comics5 appearances
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme1988 Marvel5 appearances
Iron Man1996 Marvel5 appearances
Captain Marvel2008 Marvel5 appearances
Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates2011 Marvel5 appearances
Exiles Ultimate Collection2009 Marvel5 appearances
Carnage2010 Marvel5 appearances
Avengers: The Origin2010 Marvel5 appearances
Avengers/Invaders2008 Marvel5 appearances
Avengers Academy2010 Marvel5 appearances
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America2007 Marvel5 appearances Ultimate Comics Spider-Man2009 Marvel5 appearances
Avengers: Prime2010 Marvel5 appearances
Iron Man: Bad Blood2000 Marvel4 appearances
The Avengers1973 Marvel UK4 appearances
The Order2002 Marvel4 appearances
Avengers2004 Marvel4 appearances
Force Works1994 Marvel4 appearances
Avengers West Coast Annual1989 Marvel4 appearances
Essential Iron Man2005 Marvel4 appearances
Avengers/Thunderbolts2004 Marvel4 appearances
Supereroi Le Grandi Saghe2009 Corriere Della Sera4 appearances Iron Man/Thor2011 Marvel4 appearances
Marvel Masterworks: Captain America2003 Marvel4 appearances
Siege2010 Marvel4 appearances
Fantastic Four1961 Marvel4 appearances
Avengers Assemble2012 Panini Comics4 appearances
Deadpool2008 Marvel4 appearances
New Avengers/Transformers2007 Marvel4 appearances
Iron Man: Rapture2010 Marvel Knights4 appearances
The New Avengers2010 Marvel4 appearances
A-Next1998 Marvel4 appearances
Hawkeye: Blindspot2011 Marvel4 appearances
Marvel Super Hero Squad2010 Marvel4 appearances
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