Iron Jawed Angels

Topics: Women's suffrage, Suffragette, Feminism Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Harjot Dhesi
Mr. Hawkes
History 1023-07
30 April 2013
Iron Jawed Angels – Extra Credit
The film Iron Jawed Angels tells the story of the hard work and effort of the fight for women's suffrage.  Alice Paul, along with fellow suffragists and many other courageous women, work long hours, are faced with all kinds of trials and troubles to fight for justice and equality.  They endure public criticism and abuse from passers by during protests, arrests, a hunger strike, and many other harsh results of their brave efforts.  However they remain persistent, never letting anything stand in their way of reaching their goal.  With this courage, the women manage to carry out successful protests and parades, calling attention to the unfortunate situation and injustice acted upon the women in the early century.  After hard work and determination, suffrage is granted, showing the results of their persistence, and fighting for justice. This film portrays these women shopping for fashionable hats, smoking and lounging in their undergarments, and marching to a soundtrack of hip-hop rhythms. They are more than new women, they are 21st-century women in their casual manner, informal speech, and attitudes toward men. With this approach, the film modernizes political foremothers in an attempt to winning new audiences in a postfeminist age. In an age when most young women do not like the idea of the feminist label, the film invites them to connect with feminists who are single, young, determined, courageous, independent, fashionable, and physically attractive.
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