Iron Curtain

Topics: Soviet Union, Iron Curtain, Eastern Bloc Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Q.1: what did Churchill mean in May 1945 by the term “Iron Curtain”?

A.1: When Churchill stated “An Iron Curtain is being drawn upon their front.” He means that during 1945 when the war was over, he was talking about an imaginary line drawn between communism in the East and the democratic governments in the West. This was to prevent more fighting over the systems; Churchill knew that the Soviet Union were dangerous. Churchill wanted the allies to get to Berlin and take it before the Russians would. He claims in his speech “Nobody knows what Soviet Russia intends to do in the immediate future.” This shows he knew they were a threat he just didn’t know when they were going to pounce. By making this “Iron Curtain” it would provide safety.

Q.2: what happened to the Iron Curtain countries of East Europe?

A.2: The Iron curtain countries included: Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia. The actions taken in these countries were: in Bulgaria the communists executed leaders of other parties. In Czechoslovakia the USSR purged civil service, Security Police moved in. East Germany: industrial machinery and resources were moved to the USSR. The scientists and technicians moved to USSR. More actions were taken in other countries, the whole strategy of different countries had changed, this speech was inspirational and made countries feel like they could be independent instead of relying on others.

Q.3: Explain Stalin’s reply to Churchill’s “Iron Curtain Speech”

A.3: Stalin’s reply to Churchill’s speech was weird, Stalin didn’t really state the truth and made up figures to make people feel sorry for him, how USSR had been hit harder than any other country. This was the reason why Churchill was suspicious of Stalin because he wasn’t being truthful; he had become more independent more powerful so his response to the speech mad Churchill even more suspicious.

By Massimo Furness
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