Irish Travellers

Topics: Stereotype, Traveler, Prejudice Pages: 3 (1271 words) Published: May 9, 2013

Modern social care presents the contemporary social care worker with a number of social and personal challenges. In order to address this issue I will take an autobiographical approach based on my own personal life experiences in a social care context and blend it with my learning during the college process. Firstly I would like to state that the views and experiences expressed in this essay are not general statements directed at the travelling community as a whole but just my own personal experiences with individuals, this also holds true for members of the settled community that I will discuss. In the essay I will give a brief outline of my history to date both as a social care worker and as a self-employed business person at the time. The topic of the essay will be my personal and honest account of my experiences with some members of the travelling community and what I have learned about myself as a social care worker in the process. This essay will outline some of the negative stereotypes and negative real life experiences that are associated with members of the travelling community and how we as social care workers should always be standing guard in order to tackle all potential prejudice and stereotyping that may try and thwart us in our duty as care workers. Having been self employed as a publican for two years the issue of discrimination against the travelling community very quickly came to my doorstep. I had no experience in the publican business and customers, staff and anybody who I asked expressed that all travellers must be banned from the bar without any exceptions. I totally disagreed with this advice and operated a system where all patrons were afforded the hospitality of the Bar as long as all the house rules were adhered too. The unfortunate reality of my own particular experience in the Bar was that each member of the travelling community that frequented my premises eventually broke the rules and left me in a position where I had no other...
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