Irish Restaurant Concept

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Food & Beverage Management
Concept Name: Irish Restaurant

Table of Contents:
* Concept Development3
* Restaurant Concept3
* Vision, Mission, and Goal4
* Target market4
* Location and Demand Analysis5
* Degree of Competition6
The Restaurant8
* Food and Beverage Selections8
* Theme and Decorations9
* Point of Differentiation9
* SWOT Analysis10
Team Members12
Restaurant Menu13
HACCP-Based Standard Operating Procedures33
* Personal Hygiene33
* Receiving and Storing34
* Preparing and Cooking36
* Serving38


The entire restaurant concept of this project has evolved from the idea of Traditional Irish Food. In general, Ireland is located in Western Europe and the capital city is Dublin. The country is surrounded by sea, making seafood relatively common in the Irish cooking. Well-known Irish food usually includes of Irish stew, bacons, and potatoes (Food & Drink in Ireland, 2009). Furthermore, the Shamrock symbol, Guinness beer and St. Patrick’s Day are what people can recall when talking about Ireland.

Concept Development:

Restaurant Concept: Casual dining restaurant

Concept Name:
The Restaurant name is Clonalis, la maison d'Irlande or Clonalis, the Irish House. The Clonalis House (Exhibit 1) is actually a one of the Ireland’s tourist attractions because it is an ancestral estate, which encompasses a long heritage. The House is located in the suburb of Castlerea. The property was owned by the O’Conors, the direct descendants of Irish Connacht’s dynasty in the 12th Century, since 1878 for more than 1500 years. The House was the first mass concrete house built in Ireland and was associated very much with the Irish politics.

Today the House serves the dual purpose of being one of the most important tourist attractions in Ireland and an accommodation for visitors. Nonetheless, the unique heritage and history of the Clonalis still remains. It is a major repository of correspondence, heirlooms, 600 year-old portraits of the O’Conors, and 7,000 volumes of historical literatures. Influenced by Italian style, the architecture allows light to come in that creates bright and warm family atmosphere (Clonalis House).

Inspired by the Clonalis House, the Restaurant ambience will communicate family atmosphere by blending both traditional and contemporary designs to offer warming and relaxing tone. Further details of the Restaurant will be explained later in this report.

Vision, Mission, and Goal:

Vision Statement: To be the destination Irish restaurant in Geneva and to obtain a place in customer’s mind when it comes to quality food and relaxation.

Mission Statement: Deliver excellent customer service and bring about customer satisfaction by providing quality traditional Irish food and warming and inviting atmosphere with a blend of tradition and contemporary vibe where customers can just sit, relax and enjoy the best of what Ireland has to offer.

Goal: Establish strong brand position and obtain loyal customers to help the Restaurant breakeven within the first 6 months.

Target Market:
The Restaurant targets both male and female customers either local or tourists who are 30 to 55 of age with an annual income between CHF 60,000 and CHF 120,000. The primary target ranges within 5 km. radius; the secondary ranges within 20 km. and; the tertiary ranges more than 20 km. radius.

Location and Demand Analysis:

The Restaurant will be located on Place du Molard, Geneva.

Why Geneva? Geneva is known for its richness and complexity of culture and people. According to Geneva Economic Development Office, more than 40% of Genevans are immigrants from somewhere else. Number of multinational companies as...
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