Irish Culture

Topics: Irish dance, Irish cuisine, Ireland Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Irish Culture Ireland is located in Western Europe. The country is rich in culture. In this paper, I’ll describe and explain Irish culture. Some of the factors discussed will be fashion, music, dances, holidays, festivities, cuisine, and myths and legends.

Fashion in Ireland is pretty much the same as the rest of Western Europe. Sweaters are popular in men and women. Knit caps are also popular choices among the Irish. Polo shirts and shirts with collars are very common. The Irish wear clothes similar to people in the U.S. Irish music offers everything from traditional Irish music, to punk, folk, rock and other genres of music. Some popular instruments in the Irish culture are flutes, harps, fiddles, tin whistles, and uilleann pipes. Many famous musicians and bands are Irish such as, U2, Thin Lizzy, The Script and Van Morrison. Along with the many different types of music Ireland has to offer, dancing often goes along with the music. There are several different forms of step dancing in Ireland (including sean-nós dancing and old style step dancing), but the style most familiar to the public is a southern form called Munster, which was formalised by the Irish Dancing Committee. Most Irish step dancing is mostly done in competitions or done through public performances. Irish solo step dances fall into two categories depending on the shoes worn. There are two types of shoes, hard shoes and soft shoes. Soft shoe dances include the reel, slip jig, light jig and single jig . The soft shoes are known as ghillies. Hard shoes are used for dancing more heavy dances such as the horn pipe. The hard shoe is bulky and has tips and heels made of fiberglass. An organized step dance competition is referred to as a feis (pronounced fesh). The word feis means "festival" in Irish. Dance competitions are divided by age and level of experience.

The Irish celebrate some of the same holidays as the...
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