Irish and Mexican Culture and Customs

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Irish and mexican Culture and Customs

If we star to compare how irish people greet to another person and how mexicans we can find a big difference because as we know mexican people always say hi with a kiss in the cheek and is a normal way to greet even although they don´t know each other. Irish people with only say hi is a find to greet another one, for them is really rear to give a kiss in the cheek. For mexicans is really normal to say hi giving a kiss in the cheek and if you don´t greet everyone is a very uneducated of your part. Irish people is just fine to say hi or how ´re you without giving a kiss, because for them if you give a kiss is really inappropriate. Examples of how irish people say hi:

Hi, how are you?
Hi, how you doing?
Hi, how is it going?
Hi, you all right?
Hi, what's the story? (this is a very informal way to say hi, just people who live in really bad conditions say this type of greet.)

Examples of how mexicans say hi:
Hola ¿como estas?
Que onda
Que tal
Hola, Mucho gusto

When Irish people inroduce themself to a strenger they just say hi nice to meet you my name is “….” And they shake hands to each other, this is a formal way to meet someone. In a informal they don´t shake hands and they just say hi my name is …. Nice to meet you. In ireland the poeple when they want to introduce someone

People in Ireland have a long list of things that they might eat for breakfast. Including breakfast cereal, porridge, toast, croissants, grapefruit, a bowl of fruit, yoghurt, sausages, rashers (thin slices of bacon), black pudding, white pudding, tomato, eggs(fried, boiled or scrambled), baked beans, fried potato (in cubes or as a potato cake), and many other slight variations; pancakes, toasted potato farls, brioche, pop tarts. After the breakfast they have a luch round at 1 pm and what they eat is Sandwiches of all kinds are popular. Fruits of a variety too, like apples and oranges and bananas. Some will go for less healthy...
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