Irene Rosenfeld Leadership

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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Irene Rosenfeld Leadership

Irene Rosenfeld is a strong goal oriented leader, she must still answer and maintain to the goals set forth by the board of directors and investors. Irene Rosenfeld readily defines an authentic leader as she is expected to expand and maximize profit, however, all within the fabrics and values of the company. The previous CEO of Kraft, Roger Deromedi, was let go due to poor profit and revenue margins. Irene was brought in under the idea that “the fundamentals of the business continue to improve, we are confident that Irene will accelerate the execution of Kraft's growth strategy, build value for shareholders, and lead Kraft when it becomes a fully independent company” (USA today). With these lofty expectations Irene fits the parameters of transactional and transformational leadership as she expects her employees to perform as well. Irene must rally and entice employees to contribute to the overall economic expansion of the company.

In 2006 Analyst Robert Campagnino of Prudential Equity Group said he “doesn't expect immediate benefits from a CEO switch. Unless new CEO Irene Rosenfeld can push commodity prices lower ... Kraft is still, in our view, a somewhat troubled company.” Over the last fourteen months Kraft has been upgraded by eight different financial intuitions in analyst reports. Irene is a firm believer in initiating structure as she has recently called for the employees of Kraft to view the company as a 40 Billion dollar start up. “One way to emulate start-up thinking is to be open to new ideas from anywhere and quickly turn them into something valuable” Irene’s goal is to have her 2000 corporate scientists, engineers and chemists effectively producing and creating products (Meyer). She wanted them to feel comfortable and open with the idea that any person can create a successful product. She even created the concept “Innovate with Kraft” where anyone can submit a product to Kraft. Her goal is to create a companywide spur...
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