Irene Gomez-Leon: African American History

Topics: African American, White American, Southern United States Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: February 4, 2013
African American Literature
Irene Gomez-Leon
December 8, 2011
Nora H. Barber

African American Literature
Historic stories of African American Writings are outstandingly interesting, and informative. The understanding from this assignment is remarkable in comparing and contrasting different texts. The writings exposed terms, equilibrium and difficulties that ascended from each second fleeting over the hurting senses of the writers. All black writings observe cultural dealings in related and diverse understandings. The understandings taken for this task are to my timeworn Master by Jourdon Anderson, My White People Treated Us Decent by Marriah Hines, and “If We Must Die” by Claude McKay. Several highlighting posts were identical during the course of each of these understandings. Moreover, there were several changes in all of the writer’s involvements. The stories observed prejudice, reverse discrimination, and inclusive behaviors throughout isolated phases of years. Numerous zones of all interpretation pretend existing visions of culture nowadays in African American literature Discussion.

In the understanding, White People behavior toward Us was Respectable, Hines specified, “My white people treated us decent.” (p. 32). She went on to talk about how her master nourished, dressed and apprehended them toward a developed stage. The woman was acquainted with the exploitation of former slaves. Moreover, she specified “Some unfortunate individuals practically have nothing to eat. Why, the way their owners treated them was disgraceful treated them like felines and canines.” (Hines, p. 32). Hines, continuously remarked about her owner not permitting anyone to work on Sundays. The woman detected tremendously appreciative to work for such a perfect individual. During her time as a slave, she was not once trampled, raped, or injured by her dominant owner or failures. She specified other bosses would call her dominant “nigger lover” for reason of respect to...
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