Iraq War... Leave or Stay (Lost My Conclusion)

Topics: United States, United States Army, Iraq War Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: September 15, 2008
The United States invaded Iraq in 2003. Since then 4,007 American Soldiers have been killed, and another 28,645 injured or diseased. Given this many American’s feel it is time to withdraw, to get out before any more lives are lost. Some say we should have never been there in the first place. While this may be true is it fair or wise to leave Iraq, a country that we invaded, in such a state of chaos. No, the job is only half done and the United States needs to remain to finish it and to clean up and repair everything we have messed up and broken. Even though many Americans believe that Iraq can’t get much worse, the truth is it can and will, if we leave prematurely.

Certainly there are many Americans who believe that the United States needs to leave Iraq immediately. The number of deaths in Iraq is staggeringly high and the results haven’t been astonishing. The occupation forces have managed to destroy the Iraqi state in one fell swoop. One of the consequences of this is that the US created enough space for armed groups of all kinds to blossom across Iraq within a short period of time. What was left of Iraq in 2003 has now fallen apart. This means there is clearly only one option available: the Iraqi government must go. But the solution cannot merely be to replace it with a different group of individuals, whether through elections or through an appointment process similar to what took place in 2004. The Iraqis deserve a sturdy government. The United States can’t be in Iraq when the government is established. The occupation of Iraq has but a lot of stress on everyone in Iraq. The presence of the US army in Iraq has a deeply corrosive influence on Iraqi society. US army must leave in order to create enough space for willing Iraqi’s to contribute to their government. A withdrawal will force a realignment of political forces in Baghdad. The government would probably collapse but because truly competent and honest political forces would accept to participate in the...
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