Iraq War Essay

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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June 3, 2011
Bill 5

You all have heard about this little thing called the Iraq War, Right? Well around these parts it’s kind of a big deal, and in these “parts” being the good old United States of America! Everyone should already know that it takes two to tango, and that’s no different from a war; there is always some cause or event has to happen for the effect of a war to take place. Well the justification for the invasion of Iraq is unclear. Yes a big part of the invasion was due to the 9/11 bombings, but was that all? The Bush Administration say they invaded Iraq to “Disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism and to free the Iraqi people.”But is that really what they were trying to do? Or were they just trying to take oil from Iraq and the Iraqi people. There may be many reasons, some unclear, some very clear, and some hidden from the public. But what is certain is the Invasion of Iraq didn’t stop after the three week siege of Baghdad, it snowballed into a huge ten year “conflict” that still continues to this day, and has spread out of the Iraq borders.         

As we all know, Iraq has had many tiffs in their past years. For example, during World War One, Britain gained control of Baghdad in 1917, and in 1920 they created Iraq. During that same year there was the great Iraqi Revolution against the ruling of the British. Twelve years later both Britain and Iraq became independent states. Over the years, Iraq got back their stability of being independent and was then ruled by Saddam Hussein from July 1979 to March 2003. They have had countless numbers of foreign affairs, which varied throughout the years involving Egypt, Iran, and Israel. It’s easy to talk about the Iraq war, but to really understand it you have to know what Iraq was like before the war. During this time, people were very vulnerable. Iraq was a hard place to live in because the area was very rural and poor. Much of the land is either desert- like, or just a big long never ending waste land. It was hard to make a living so someone with leadership and power and strength and intelligence was really needed... but sadly that’s far from what they got. Under Saddam Hussein’s power, he formed a parliamentary government. This is when the legislature is allowed to select what members are in theit government such as a prime minister, chancellor, and cabinet ministers. This made it easy for the same people to remain in office, because the President or highest most powerful leader could just elect the exact same people or people that were on his side to be part of the government. With this type of government, they can make it possible so that only the people he wants to use to help rule the country can be a leader, and not what the citizens of Iraq actually want. Saddam Hussein was an evil man. Yes, America did once support him, but soon he turned against even his own people. He invaded Kuwait, and during the Iran-Iraq war, he killed up to 5,000 people with poison gas. He would take absolutely everyone and anyone who opposed of him, and shove them into a cardboard shredder just so he can get the joy of listening to them scream in pain. He also despised the Kurds for no reason at all! He gassed them to death, and many reports say he would have his sons take women off the streets, molest them, and have their bodies get shredded so they can be food for their Dobermans. He even thought so sick to had trained radical Islamic into terrorists, and have them sent off to one of the three top secret training camps he had in Ramadi, Samarra, and Salman Pakaround. Many of the fighters he ended up choosing, to go to these camps were from Northern Africa and were usually associated with Al Qaeda. He took prisoners, and lined them up outside a quarry area, and

had them be the victims for testing out bomb vests. Saddam went against his people, against his country, and against families that just needed someone...
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