Iraq for Sale

Topics: Water purification, Drinking water, Cold War Pages: 5 (2041 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Vassil Doudov
English 1302-7002
Mss. Brown

Iraq for Sale

The first scenario shows how a young man gets killed because of lack of protection in his vehicle. Scotty had a two month contract in Iraq which also allowed him to make a lot more money working there. Blackwater security counseling is the name of the company he worked for. There were four American civilians killed and sadly Scotty was one of them. First his vehicle was not armored properly. Second there was no gunner, they should have had heavy machine guns. The poor kid was sent to a war zone with no appropriate protection what so ever. This company was close to the military but not part of it. This company was funded by the US government. Blackwater was sponsored by the republican conservative club and had strong ties between each other. “He and his family contributed over 2 million dollars for black water security counseling,” but surprisingly Rick Santorum also had ties to this Black water strategy (Iraq for Sale). There was a strong connection within the government officials and millions of dollars unaccounted for. High ranking officer and officials were donating big money to the company especially after the incident. It is hard to explain why the vehicle was not protected. “With in a year of the Folusha incidents Black Water was worth about 220 million dollars” (Iraq for Sale n.pag). It was a two hundred million dollar jump only in a year. There was always a small private army practically at a push of a button. People were cutting corners to make more money for themselves. Interrogation is not a pleasant experience especially if you were a suspected terrorist or even an ordinary civilian. Cruelty and humiliation is just two of the many types of punishments POWs. The interrogator was not considered military personal. Most of the POS described them as ordinary civilians dressed in jeans and shirts. This was special kind of company hired to interrogate people. The Arabic man that was describing what they were doing to him was just sad. Honestly I do believe him, because there were hundred of instances where brutality has been practiced in the military. TITAN and C.A.C.I are known to be the two companies that hired interrogators. I can not believe those interrogators would tie a rope in the detainees’ private parts and cut their circulation. This guy could never have kids because he also receiving some kinds of injections. “CACI Contract US Army Intelligence Services $60,000.000” (Iraq for Sale n.pag). This is the probable amount of money send to this organization. The original contract was to get data from a computer or other sources. This was a perfect way to gets someone attention especially when large amount of money are promised. Corporations like CACI are hired to do the dirty jobs but also offered very good compensation. Their job is to get the information as quickly as possible no matter what methods they used. Those personnel did not have the proper training to perform what was asked of them. The contractor is safe in their office back home which leaves little supervision for the employees involved. We all know that without supervision bad things are bound to happen. Most of the people who were interrogated by CACI had no involvement in what so ever. Teacher, taxi drivers, pizza delivery boy, businessman and many others where tortured in ways we can’t even imagine. “Titan is a company that provides the linguists trough Iraq,” and as long as you were bilingual in Arabic and English you were giving an opportunity as a translator (Iraq for Sale n.pag). There was no training or evaluation what so ever. No bosses to order you around. Many of the hired were unqualified. “If you are a US contractor and you kill an Iraq civilian and that becomes know then you will be send home and then you can come back in a week and work for another company” (Iraq for Sale n.pag). Georg Bush junior was asked an interesting question...
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