Iraq Culture of the World

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Hassig and Al Adely argue in their book known as Iraq: Culture of the world, that Iraq has been a major discussion featured in news all over the world in the last ten years of the 20th century and in the early years of the 21st century. Its ancient history has fascinated and owed many though triggering the international community to have many negative reactions. In ancient days, Iraq was known as Mesopotamia meaning “land between two rivers-the Euphrates and the Tigris” with Arabs, Sumerians, Turks and Babylonians contributing to the prosperity of the country. This has made Iraq to be known as “the cradle of civilization.” They later discuss Iraq's climate, geography, fauna, governance, economy, flora and the country's history as discussed below. Geography

Iraq's geography is made of mountains in the north, marshland on river banks and deserts in the south. The Iraq terrain is rugged seen in the citizens who live in poverty and war though still holding to their religion, beliefs, customs and interests. The country's geographical location is in the south western region of Asia. Iraq's fertile land is found between the two rivers which has supported agriculture for many years. Although besides the lands fertility, the country's topography and vegetation is changing drastically with west and southern parts changing into deserts and the north transforming into cold mountainous regions. There are steppe desert plains towards the west. This makes the place to be scarcely populated due to the rocky terrain plus the harsh climatic conditions. The northern foothills region receives abundant rainfall thus producing a lot of grain for the country. The foothills have many archeological sites like the ancient city of Assyria. The northeastern mountains are inhabited by many people due to its fertile land for pastures and the favorable cool climate. The later is also the land with richest oil fields. Although, being remote, the mountains act as a shelter for...
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