Iran's Nuclear Program

Topics: Iran, Military of the United States, Middle East Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Rather than use militarization or be tough on iran which would encourage a hostile relationship, the U.S. should approach Iran’s nuclear ambitions by talking to Iranian leaders and persuade them that developing nuclear weapons would not be the best thing for iran’s national interests. Rather than leading to stabilization and the mad situation, it would probably lead to political coercion which would tempt other neighboring Arab countries to proliferate as well and would highlight rivalries, particularly with Israel. The U.S. needs to speak to Iranian experts, scholars, and officials to explain to them the negative implications of iran possessing nuclear weapons. I personally do not think that the u.S. should reverse Iranian ambitions or to stage a regime change. The us needs to “engage Iran diplomatically” and use a policy of carrots and sticks where

Striking militarily would probably not do much good since the us cant be sure they would hit all of iran’s facilties where nuclear capabilities are being developed because it is unknown. Military action could also fail to stop iran in developing their capabilities and could be detrimental if the opposite happened and they became even more determined to proliferate and reaching their intended goals. Using military capabilities in attempt of overthrowing the Iranian government would most likely unite iran against the u.s. as well as the international community. They will feel insecure and regardless of regime change, they could continue to seek nuclear capabilities since they would feel threatened by the U.S. military action. Iran could even retaliate or seek revenge on the us by retaliating against the us militarily (cite source since it most likely feels threatened by the presence of the us military in its neighboring countries of Iraq and Afghanistan and it could encourage mobilization of its neighbors to provoke action threatening the isreal Palestinian peace. Mustafa kibarogm makes a notable...
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