Iran Israel Conflict

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Discuss Iran nuclear ambition? Will it become a nuclear weapon state?

“The world will need greatly increased energy supply in the next 20 years, especially clean-generated electricity. And nuclear power answers all parameters of future energy needs.”

Jasjit Singh

On December 3, 2007, the U.S. National Intelligence Council released an unclassified summary of the newest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) entitled "Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities." Although the assessment states that the US Intelligence Community has "high confidence" that Iran's "nuclear weapons program" was halted in 2003 and that the halt lasted for "at least several years," the document makes clear that the halt applied only to one facet of Iran's activities relevant to the development of nuclear arms. Moreover, other statements in the document, along with extensive evidence in the public domain, suggest that other activities relevant to the possible production of nuclear weapons continue. There are thus strong reasons for on-going concern about the future direction of Iran's nuclear activities. These concerns call for continued international pressure on Iran to curtail its work on uranium enrichment and plutonium production — technologies that can produce nuclear explosive material — and to permit more intensive inspections of its nuclear program to ensure it is not used to produce nuclear weapons.

Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, country in southwestern Asia, located on the eastern shore of the Persian Gulf. One of the world's most mountainous countries. For centuries, the region has been the center of the Shia branch of Islam (see Shia Islam). Iran ranks among the world’s leaders in its reserves of oil and natural gas. As is the case in other countries in the petroleum-rich Persian Gulf region, the export of oil has dominated Iran’s economy since the early 20th century. Iran geographic location played an important role through different historical times, as it constitutes the connecting link between the East and the West and it is a natural corridor for international trade between the Far East and the Mediterranean basin, so-called "key to the East." Iran has an important naval coast on the Arabian Gulf, which has great economic importance; these shores have a major role in enhancing the military power of Iran. Iran’s geographical location plays an important role because of the magical and supervision of the Strait of Hormuz and its control over some islands in it. This strait is one of the most important international waterways in which traverse every day more than 100 ships at a rate of one ship every 15 minutes. Iran is suffering from the border conflicts because of its neighboring countries. Perhaps the most dangerous conflict of the border is between Iraq and Iran. This is a vulnerability factor in the strength of Iran from the perspective of political geography. Iran has a natural wealth in terms of its vast agricultural land and crops, and richness in water, fishery, where the finest types of caviar and fish are produced in the Caspian Sea; not to mention the great mineral wealth in addition to oil. Iran is situated between two oil-wealthy States is the first (the West), the Arabian Gulf in the west of Iran, which contains the largest reserve of oil in the world (643 billion barrels), and the Caspian Sea to the north, which has also an with an estimated reserve of oil where oil of about 8 - 16 billion barrels.

Iran is a member to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and concluded the comprehensive safeguards agreement with the IAEA in 1974. Iran signed the Additional Protocol in 2003, but has not yet ratified it. Iran started its civilian nuclear energy program with assistance from the United States in the 1970s. Iranian nuclear facilities include an uranium enrichment plant in Natanz, and a heavy water reactor near...
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