Irael and Palestine

Proposals for a Palestinian state, Palestinian territories, Israel

Middle East
I am a 16 years old in the Middle East in a small Israel. This war lasted for 90 years and is still continuing all because of territory. The west bank and Jordan. The Palestine’s want to control most of the land and have Arabian states, but after four peace talks they refused every time.

In 1997 there has been no country ever named Palestine established. As old as I am this war is taking another spin. Mainly just to see who’s right and who’s wrong. Next, Jordan did not own the West Bank, they had just occupied it. The U.N in fact had said there should be Israel and a Arab state.

This lead to the Arabs declaring that they should get a separate state. After trying to compromise the Arabians still refused. There are millions of Palestine Refugees. The Jewish people told the Arabians that they should have 20 % of their land if they agreed and they still said no.

The beginning of the 1920’s the war started. I can go outside without having to worry about us. I cannot be a simple Kid knowing the Arab states closed their borders to Jews at Hitler’s command before the Holocaust. I also can’t go outside without having to worry about Palestine bombing us, and or attacking us. So, why should we let the Arab Refugees into our country? Terrorisms still current today. The hatred towards us because 1.2 million Arabs do live in Jewish states. Aren’t they the ones who refused the Peace talks? Like a smart person said “The Arab nations do not want to solve the problem. They want to keep it as an open sore… as a weapon against Israel.”

They are becoming terrorist to their own country. Therefore how can they expect to solve their problem without comunication? How do they expect children like me learn how respect is really supposed to look like when all the Arab nations like, Egypt, Syria, Lemonon, Iraq, Sadi-Arabia, and Jordan, they want to bomb us, keep us in war for absolutely nothing.

Does hatred have to end like this, destroying everything the Arab...
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