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Information Processes and Technology
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Project Management
▪ Project Management is a planned and ongoing process that guides all the development tasks and resources throughout a projects development ▪ A Project Plan organises the project by specifying who will do the task, what has to be done, how the task is done, what resources are required, and what is to be expected

▪ Active Listening: Listening to people is the main source of critical information required for a project to run smoothly. Listening is not the same as hearing; to listen requires attention and involvement ▪ Mirroring: Involves repeating back some of the speakers key words – indicating that you are interested and would like to know and understand more ▪ Paraphrasing: Listener uses their own words to explain what they think the speaker just said. The listener reflects feelings as well as meaning in their response ▪ Summarising: Listener confirms their understanding in the speakers mind, and hence helps to bring the conversation to an end ▪ Clarifying: Listener asks questions or makes statements that encourage the speaker to provide more detailed explanations ▪ Motivational: Encourage the speaker and reinforce in their mind that you are indeed listening and are interested in what they have to say ▪ Conflict Resolution: Need to manage conflict so that issues are resolved appropriately for all concerned, and in the best interests of the project ▪ Negotiation Skills: Negotiation should be a friendly exchange where differences are argued logically and in a reasoned manner. This can even prevent situations leading towards conflicts

▪ “Tuckman” Stages of Team Development:
▪ 1. Forming – Team members are only just getting to know each other ▪ 2. Storming – People are beginning to feel comfortable with each other ▪ 3. Norming – Team members now recognise their differences ▪ 4. Performing – The team is now operating as an effective, productive unit

▪ Team Building – building a team of two or more people with complimentary skills, behaviours and personalities who are committed to achieving a common goal ▪ Advantages – The people within the team are much more productive, and the systems they develop are of higher quality ▪ Disadvantages – Financial loss, employment loss and missed opportunities – unable to meet deadlines, produce quality work and operate within financial constraints

▪ Gantt Chart: Indicates when tasks need to be completed by ▪ Journal and Diary Entries: The diary is a record of appointments, events and meetings. The journal is a detailed record of what happened at each meeting, how tasks have been allocated, and when tasks are to be completed ▪ Funding Management Plan: Record of the scheduling and costing of tasks, and other expenses ▪ Communication Management Plan: Record of when meetings are to be held throughout the development of the information system

▪ The work environment, including health and safety issues such as ergonomic design of furniture, appropriate lightning, and appropriate noise levels ▪ Security of data and information during development

▪ Copyright issues including who will retrain the copyrights for the new system ▪ Respect for the rights of needs and individual team members – such as privacy

▪ Systems Analyst: A person who analyses systems, determines requirements and designs new information systems ▪ Requirements: Features, properties or behaviours that a system must have to achieve its purpose ▪ Key Question 1: What are the problems with the existing system? ▪ Key Question 2: How does the existing system work? An understanding of the operations of the existing system must be understood ▪ Key...
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