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Project Plan
A tourist bureau has asked one of their employees Matthew Law to collect and organise data on Australia’s Beaches. A solution must be developed for Matthew so that each beach can be given a surf rating and can also be rated on its facilities. Through a questionnaire Matthew is to collect and organise data on Australian beaches. System development Cycle stages:

A.Understanding the Problem
Data was collected and stored about Australian beaches during the data collection process where the internet and other resources were used to compile a series of questions for the survey. The participants in this system are those who will access the tourist bureau for information and those who are seeking the data collected from the survey. Making Decisions

By examining the proposed solutions feasibility, its constraints and whether or not the new system met the requirements of the question, decisions were able to be made to solve the problem given. The paper based system that was used to collect was not effective. After the survey was finished the data was analysed and organised. The survey is to be Created in Ms excel as this provides a user-friendly interface. The electronic survey has many advantages over the old survey; •Increased accuracy and security

Easier to collect, organise and store data
Designing Solutions
A data flow diagram, context diagram and system flow chart were created to determine if the solution would be appropriate. Context diagram gave the basic outline of the system. MS excel, MS word, Internet Explorer an MS project. Ergonomics is the relationship between people and their work environment. Context Diagram

Pilot and direct conversions were the methods of conversion used. Pilot involves trialling the survey in a small area before introducing it to the public. Direct conversion is introducing it to the public straight away. Testing, Evaluating and Maintaining

The system is to be continually...
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