Iproposal for the Student Internship Affiliation Report

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Marketing plan Pages: 4 (1018 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Proposal for the student internship affiliation report
Fall semester 2012-2013

Title of the report: Sales and Marketing practices of Mousumi Industries Ltd.

Rationale for selecting the report:

Throughout my internship period, I was assigned to the sales department specifically to observe, understand and learn the operational level marketing that is practiced by the sales officers of Cute Cosmetics Ltd. It is very essential for each and every individual to go through this process, to understand how a company’s overall strategies, plans and formulations are implemented from words or documents into action. Furthermore, it also deals with the real life marketing experiences, which a person needs to understand to move up the hierarchical ladder of marketing. Hence, an individual has to understand all the activities in the operational level and experience it face to face and by acting on the field.

For a successful middle level marketing executive or a top level marketing manager, he has to understand the reality of the marketing that is practiced in the actual field of marketing. So, that when the top level executives are preparing a plan or coming up with a new idea, innovation, product, different marketing strategies, marketing plans or short term/long term goals etc. the middle or top level managers has to know to relate these to the operational level, so that the plans or strategies can be implemented successfully by the operational level workforce and they do not become unrealistic and are achievable.

This report will bring in whatever I have learned during the internship period, the enhanced and practical knowledge that I gained regarding sales and marketing, it will bring greater heights to my marketing knowledge once I am done with the formal completion of this report.

Background (description of the organization/company):

Mousumi Industries Ltd. was founded in 1971 by its Chairman, Kazi Mahtab Uddin Ahmed and Founder Managing Director...
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